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Cardio ECG Holter

EKG Holter Cardiograaf om de electrische activiteiten van het hart te registreren gedurende meestal 24 uur.

- Only 63g weight, small, standard geometry
- design,easy to use and carry
- High exceed the signal-to-noise ratio(>100dB)
- High-resolution (16bit,Highest 10000Hz sampling)
- Integrated, pacemaker detection in all channels
- Effectively restrain the industrial frequency, EMG, baseline drift etc interference signals, improve signal quality
- One AAA alkaline battery could support more than 96 hours of continuous recording , beyond the normal Holter equipment

- Record card initialization exception
- Electrode loss,
- Low power consumption
- Misuse of false alarms

- Built-in LCD screen, can display important parameters
- Standard SD card with large-capacity, high-precision data storage and transmission standard 24-hour record can be downloaded in 30 seconds.